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Our Mappaa Association

Associative Movement for the Promotion of Arts and Artists

Our non-profit association aims to develop and promote all actions in France and abroad in the artistic field relating to the support of people, animation and training, artistic creation, the organization of cultural events and trips, the implementation of solidarity and humanitarian actions and everything that contributes to promoting the development, well-being, life of artists and the recognition of their societal and solidarity function.

Our various solidarity contacts in Brittany, in Paris, in the South-East, allow us to carry out various promotional operations.

We support, among others, the following Associations:

- in Sens, with Rotary and the Yonne Senegal Association, humanitarian operations for the education of children.

- in Paris, with the Heritage Foundation for the restoration of the roof of the oldest school in Barbizon, with the Association les Amis du Cercle Laure Henry.

We organize sculpture classes for children in school groups, as well as painting and sculpture courses for adults with participating member artists.

If our various cultural and humanitarian projects interest you, join us: art has meaning!

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